Drama Teacher

Job Type: Teaching | Job Category: Full-Time | Posted: January 30, 2018 | Updated January 30, 2018 | 1471 Views

Munch Schools


Job Description

Our new Drama Teacher will assume professional responsibility for providing learning experiences in the performing arts and supervision of students in a supportive and positive climate that develops in each student the skills, attitudes, and knowledge to meet and exceed the State Core Curriculum Content Standards, using approved curricula, materials, and directives of the school. Achieving academic excellence requires that the Drama Teacher work collaboratively with other members of the school staff and with parents.

Responsibilities will include: Directing HS choir, Overseeing the growth of vocal music in the High School,Teaching Beginning Music Theory, Advanced Music Theory, Teaching Musical Theater classes, Overseeing the growth of the theater arts in the High School, and Directing One Act play for competition.


Competitive compensation package

How to Apply

Qualified Applicants should apply using their Portfoliogen.com portfolio. If there is interest after our review of your portfolio we will contact you directly. International applicants will be considered.

Overview of Munch Schools

The mission of the Munch School of Creative and Performing Arts is to nurture the creative talents and aspirations of our students within an academic/arts college preparatory program. In a multicultural environment, we provide a comprehensive and sequenced program of study in the six arts disciplines - creative writing, dance, drama, instrumental music, vocal music, and visual arts, as well as rigorous pre-college academic instruction across the curriculum. Our graduates will demonstrate a mastery of defined skills that will enable them to be productive, self-directed, lifelong learners, who appreciate and respect diversity.